Name: 1–Cut
Producer: Reinhard Blumberger
Price: starting at € 2.200,– (inkl. 20% MwSt.)

one piece nothern hard rock maple neck, walnut "skunk stripe"
neck shaping C, 1.fret 21,50 mm (0,85"), 12.fret 23,90 mm (0,94")
clear matt acrylic finish, fretboard radius 9,5", black dots and side dots
one way trussrod, peghead adjustable nut
bone nut, fretboard width at nut 42,10 mm (1,66")
6 Schaller M6 Mini tuners with oval metal knobs, chrome plated
roller string tree, chrome plated
22 Dunlop 6260 frets

european ash body, luna color, shellac finish
chrome plated "vintage" steel bridge, compensated brass saddles
string spread E–e 54,86 mm (2–5/32")
2 Andrew Mazurkiewicz PUs, polarity south + north, Alnico 3 pole pieces
3–way switchcraft switch, black knob
2 250 kOhm linear potentiometers (made in Japan)
metric outputjack with elecrtosocket (body mounted), chrome plated
single ply semi–gloss black pickguard, 5 screwholes
Control plate, steel, chrome plated
2 "dome speed" knobs, chrome plated
1 capacitor 220 pF for treble–bleed circuit
1 capacitor 0,022 mF for tone control

strap buttons, chrome plated
4–holes neck plate, steel, chrome plated
6 string mounting ferrules, chrome plated